Joseph Bass


Joseph Bass is a skilled Permaculture designer, installer & teacher with a passion for art and nature. As CEO for IdeallyEco and designer for Food Forest Abundance he has collaborated with designers world wide. On a local scale, Joe helps create a multitude of organic farms, orchards, back yard gardens and food forests.

By collaborating with like-minded professionals, he creates inspiring models of sustainability one yard at a time. He has been an integral part of both institutional & residential scale permaculture design companies.

Joe incorporates practical application as well as environmentally conscious permaculture methods to transform any parcel into an edible and sustainable landscape. He is currently planning a national PDC tour. Ultimately Joe wants to create a Societal Sense of Place for the world at large.

Michael Hoag


Michael Hoag has had an adventurous 20+ year career in the army of community-scale change-makers who are transforming the world. He manages Lillie House Permaculture, an urban homestead and community Transformation business, and directs, a coop for supporting others building careers in community-level change.

He has forged a rewarding professional path on his own terms as a teacher, Permaculture designer, homesteader, gardener, farmer, plantsman, herbalist, forager, artist, organiser, farmers’ market manager, workforce trainer, and collegiate curriculum designer. He’s an avid natural gardener, plant and ecology geek, food-lover, musician, and bum-philosopher in love with all the exciting opportunities this beautiful world offers.

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